Consulting and tax planning

Crosti Chiavacci - CeC Commercialisti associati

We are driven by the challenges and opportunities that our clients bring to us. Our practice is based on the following core principles:

Honesty and integrity

We are always guided exclusively by the interests of our clients – we are completely transparent in all our activities and interests because we believe that a solid and long-lasting relationship with our clients can only be based on complete trust.

The paramount importance of the client

We are focussed on creating value for our clients, working in partnership as a team. Our clients are our greatest resource and asset, and their interests are automatically and steadfastly also our over-riding interests. Our reputation is founded on satisfied clients, who are our best advocates and source of referrals.

Flexibility and accuracy

Our commitment to supporting our clients and helping them grow and develop their business has nurtured flexibility and customisation in our approach, but without ever bringing into question the accuracy and precision of our work.

Wide knowledge of the market

Operating in Italy’s primary business city means that we have developed an enviable market experience and expertise in a range of sectors, from industrial to commercial and financial. We offer our clients our local knowledge and a network of contacts with respected professionals and leading entrepreneurs in Italy.

Customized services

We can provide a customized service that spans a range of fields due to our wide network of relationships and partnerships with professionals specialized in various areas such as legal, notarial and payroll services.