Domestic and international taxation


Innovative approach

“If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got”

The complexity of today’s world calls for a true dedication to innovation. To be successful it is necessary to think and act differently and to go beyond old methods and ideas. We adopt this approach in the context of complex transfer pricing operations, for tax planning, for investment planning which may lead to incorporation, for national and international M&A transactions, for tax due diligence, and for every service that we provide.

We provide customized solutions for domestic and international tax problems using a non-conventional approach, in keeping with our ethical code and in compliance with applicable laws.

Beyond conventions

In collaboration with our clients we research new and original solutions that can create added value. Our commitment is not only to protect our client’s investments, but above all to find solutions that allow them to expand their business by exploiting new opportunities.

Alternative Visions

We are interested in recruiting associates with an aptitude for leadership, the ability to work in a team, with an innovative outlook, and the capacity to come up with tangible and effective solutions.

We offer a range of services and so we are interested in discussing collaboration opportunities with qualified professionals working in national and international M&A transactions, transfer pricing, tax litigation, preparation and drafting of financial statements and consolidated financial statements, tax due diligence, company restructuring, VAT, domestic and international tax planning, and accounting.

We consider ourselves to be an enthusiastic team of tax experts rather than just a group of independent professionals.