Tax and corporate consultancy

1. Transfer pricing

We help companies to define their transfer prices using the following methods:

Traditional methods

  • Comparable uncontrolled method (CUP)
  • Resale price method
  • Cost plus method

Alternative methods

  • Transactional net margin method
  • Profit split method

2. Tax planning

Operating in Italy’s primary business city means that we have developed an enviable market experience and expertise in a range of sectors, from industrial to commercial and financial. We offer our clients our local knowledge and a network of contacts with respected professionals and leading entrepreneurs in Italy.

  • Transfer / purchase of shares
  • Extraordinary corporate transactions
    1. Start-up, selection of the type of company, drawing up of the company articles of association, and the performance of all necessary administrative procedures for setting up a company in line with the general and special regulations under Italian law.
    2. Mergers, spin-offs, acquisitions, incorporation by sale, sale and renting of companies
    3. Consultancy service for shareholders on strategic and tactical actions
  • Selection of vehicle for new investments or new businesses
  • Setting up of fund and investment companies, family holding companies and other financial intermediaries, support in obtaining the necessary authorizations and communication channels with the applicable authorities (Bank of Italy and CONSOB, the Italian stock exchange regulator).

3. Tax due diligence

Planning for acquisitions or M&A operations of new companies demands a detailed analysis of the target company. For this reason, we have created a team dedicated to tax due diligence activities that is able to assess the tax situation of any target company.

4. Tax consulting

Crosti & Chiavacci advises Italian and international companies on the optimal strategy to adopt for a range of corporate, financial and tax issues.

  • Advisory service in relation to the interpretation and application of domestic and international fiscal regulations.
  • Drawing up and support in the compilation of Annual Financial Statements and of Consolidated Annual Financial Statements for companies, and for industrial, commercial or financial groups.
  • Compilation of income tax returns and VAT declarations.
  • Consulting service regarding fiscal efficiency of financial revenue.