Tax disputes

Assistance in tax litigation Our team of experts can provide assistance before and during tax litigation, providing support to our clients who may be subject to inspections, preparing a case for the defence and representing them in front of taxation

Financial transactions

Financial transactions

Extraordinary financial transactions We support and guide executives and entrepreneurs in the delicate and sensitive transactions of extraordinary finance, whether due to acquisition, divestment or restructuring, as well as joint ventures in Italy or abroad. Our in-house experts, and in

Tax and corporate consultancy

Tax and corporate consultancy 1. Transfer pricing We help companies to define their transfer prices using the following methods: Traditional methods Comparable uncontrolled method (CUP) Resale price method Cost plus method Alternative methods Transactional net margin method Profit split method

Doing business in Italy

We support foreign investors who are about to enter the Italian market, advising on the selection of the right vehicle to optimize tax obligations. The consulting service that we provide ranges from routine to extraordinary corporate management transactions, providing expert